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  • What To Do If You Think You Have Chicken Pox As An Adult

    Chicken pox is becoming a disease that no one ever gets anymore, thanks to vaccination. But it's not impossible to catch it from someone, usually a child, who is sick with it. If you think you might have the chicken pox, you should know that you need to take extra care because it's harder on adults than it is on children. Here's what you need to do. Get Medical Attention [Read More]

  • 3 Ways Leukapheresis Is Used

    Leukapheresis is the process of separating the leukocytes from the rest of the blood. Once the leukocytes are separated, they are used in various ways to help patients, often when other treatment options are inadequate or have failed. Cancer Leukapheresis can be used as a temporary management strategy in certain types of cancer like chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). In CLL, the body produces an increased number of abnormal lymphocytes. Most cases of CLL advance slowly, only requiring treatment when symptoms are severe or the cancer is more advanced. [Read More]

  • What To Do If You'Re Having Overly Painful Periods

    Painful periods are something that many women go through to the point where they can become debilitating. If you're unable to accomplish your daily goals because you're cooped up in bed trying to cope with the pain, then you need to make a change. No woman should have to go through agony every month. Here's what you should do to get help. Get Screened The first thing you should do is visit your regular doctor and talk to them about the problem. [Read More]

  • Tips for Recovering From Joint Replacement Surgery

    Joint replacement surgery sometimes becomes necessary as you age or due to an injury. If you are about to get this type of surgery, there is little doubt that you will see an improvement in your movements once you are recovered. However, getting to the results phase requires that you pass through the recovery phase. The recovery phase can be difficult; here is what you need to know to get through it. [Read More]

  • How Allergies Can Exacerbate Asthma

    If you have asthma, then in addition to see your asthma care services professional on a regular basis, you will need to visit an allergy services specialist as well. This is because having allergies can exacerbate your asthma. While many asthmatics grow out of it once they reach adulthood, some are lifelong sufferers. Here are some ways your allergies can worsen the symptoms of your asthma.  Thick Mucus Production Allergic reactions often cause a runny nose, nasal congestion, and increased mucus production. [Read More]

  • Stop Back Pain With Interventional Injections

    You have tried everything: over-the-counter medications, massage, and physical therapy. You have even talked to your doctor, and yet the pain is still there. Millions of Americans live each day with chronic pain located in the back, hips, knees, or other joints. This can be extremely challenging for these individuals as well as their families since it may limit their ability to do the things that they want/need to do. Thankfully, some physicians and pain management clinics offer interventional injection services, which is a way to treat chronic pain. [Read More]

  • Ketamine Infusions — How You Should Prepare Yourself

    If you have arranged for a ketamine infusion treatment to assist you with your depression, then this is likely a new experience for you. Thankfully, most people tolerate the IV infusions quite well. There are a few things that you should do to prepare for the treatment though. Keep reading to learn about them. Eat A Light Meal Ketamine has been shown to reduce depression symptoms in individuals who receive infusions. However, there are some side effects of the treatment. [Read More]

  • Here's What You Should Know If Your Doctor Is Recommending A Pulmonary Function Test For You

    Has your doctor recommended that you have a pulmonary function test done? Here are a few things you should know about the procedure before scheduling a test: The Reasons For Testing There are a variety of reasons your doctor may want to conduct a pulmonary function test on you, so don't worry too much until you get the results back from your tests. While testing is done on those suspected of having lung cancer and other serious illnesses, they may also be done for the following reasons: [Read More]

  • How Back Pain Management Facilities Help Those Who Can't Pinpoint Their Back Pain Causes

    Back pain is one of those problems that can affect many people in a myriad of different ways. For example, a person may believe that they have identified the cause of their back pain only to find that treatment doesn't work. That's because more issues may be possible, requiring a concentrated effort from a back pain management facility and a group of high-quality specialized professionals. Back Pain Has Confusing Causes [Read More]

  • Allergy Tests Can Help Outdoor Construction Workers Stay Safe From Unexpected Allergies

    Outdoor construction workers often have high levels of job satisfaction because they enjoy being outside and experiencing the world around them. Unfortunately, some of these individuals may find that they have a bee allergy during a job and get into a frantic emergency situation. As a result, allergy testing may be necessary for many in this scary scenario. Bee Allergies May Develop Unexpectedly People who work outside regularly, such as construction workers, may be at a higher risk of experiencing bee stings than others. [Read More]