Physical Therapy Helps Construction Workers With Lower Back Pain

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Lower back strains are very troubling when they occur for anybody, but can be particularly difficult for those who regularly use their back for physical labor. For example, many builders and construction experts may struggle to perform their duties and end up worsening their condition if they don't take the time to get high-quality physical therapy from professionals.

Lower Back Strains are Painful

When a person works regularly as a builder, they often spend a lot of time bending down to lift up heavy objects, such as wooden beams, cement blocks, and much more. When they properly lift and stay in great shape, they typically won't cause any problems with their overall back health. Unfortunately, even those who follow proper lifting guidelines may end up causing a strain in their lower back.

A strain in these muscles can cause a person to struggle to not only lift but also stand up without feeling excessive pain. And every time they try to work with this type of injury, they are likely to worsen it and make their pain even harder to tolerate. Therefore, it is essential for those in this situation to reach out to a physical therapist. Doing so could help to manage this pain and prevent further injuries.

Physical Therapy is Essential

Physical therapy is a critical part of any pain management method because it helps to prevent a worsening of the condition. For example, physical therapy exercises for lower back strains focus on increasing the strength of the injured muscles by carefully working them with focused manipulations. Techniques such as stretches and careful lifting can help enhance strength and avoid many complications.

However, physical therapy must also focus on avoiding worsening a condition by using routines that are not too intense for a condition. For example, those with a lower back strain may only be able to do very minute exercises, at first, and only those that work along the muscles that have been injured. The basic idea is to slowly increase the strength of these muscles without causing further damage.

For builders with a lower back strain, these exercises will typically emulate the type of lifting that they have to do for their usual job duties. In this way, it is possible for these workers to enhance the strength of their muscles to ensure that a strain doesn't occur again. Physical therapists can also provide tips for lifting that helps to avoid these issues.