Did Your Husband Have A Stroke?

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Did you awake one morning to find that things weren't quite normal with your husband? As he talked, maybe his speech was slurred. It might be that his face looked totally different to you. Then maybe it hit you like a ton of bricks that your husband had had a stroke during the night. Even if you called 911 right away, you might have found once you got to the emergency room that your husband didn't get there quite fast enough. The three-hour window where things could have been a lot better had passed by. 

If this scenario, or a similar one, is very real to you, maybe you are still looking for ways to help your husband. Start the recovery process by hiring a stroke group in your town or city. Look for one that is relatively close to your house. Read on to find out more about the help your husband will receive from the group.

Speech Therapy - Right now it may seem to you that your husband will never be able to speak again. Because of the help given by professional speech therapists, that doesn't need to be the case. During speech therapy, your husband might be surprised that he will play hand games like the ones your grandkids play. For instance, your husband might do something as simple as placing marbles in slots. Tongue twisters might even be used to emphasize articulation. The speech therapist might suggest that a swallow study be done to see if there is a problem that hampers correct speech.

Occupational Therapy - This is the therapy that will help your husband to do everyday things. The therapist will help your husband to strengthen his arm and leg functions. In addition, things like zippers and buttons will be tackled. Many of the same things that the speech therapist does will also be done by the occupational therapist.

Physical Therapy - From taking walks outside to exercising inside, this is an important part of recovery. Even though your husband might be doing things to strengthen his arms and legs with the occupational therapist, the physical therapist may repeat those exercises. As your husband and the therapist walk together, the therapist will help your husband to take stronger and longer steps as time goes by. Light weights might be added to certain exercises in order to strengthen motor skills.

Your husband's stroke doctor will work closely with all three therapists to evaluate the progress that is being made. Write down questions you have for any members of the stroke group,  and they'll be happy to answer them. After all, you are part of the team, too.