Why Medical Eye Exams Are Important

Posted on: 16 September 2022

When you hear the term "eye exam" you may imagine a vision test — a test in which the eye doctor assesses how well you can see with either or both eyes. This type of eye exam, otherwise known as a vision test, is important. However, you should also be sure to schedule regular medical eye exams with your eye doctor. A medical eye exam goes beyond vision assessment and examines the overall health of your eyes. Here's why medical eye exams are so important.

Not all eye problems affect your vision right away

If there were something wrong with your eyes, your vision would be impacted, right? Not necessarily. Many eye problems do not immediately cause vision loss. Glaucoma is an example. Your eye pressure rises, and an eye doctor can detect that, but the vision loss comes later once the disease is more progressed. If you go in for regular medical eye exams, these conditions will be noticed when they are less severe and easier to treat. Vision loss from medical conditions is not always able to be remedied, so early detection via a medical eye exam could mean you get to keep your vision.

Eye doctors can offer insight into your overall health

There are some issues that an eye doctor can detect that are significant in terms of your overall health. For example, if your eye doctor does a medical exam and finds that your retina is damaged, this suggests you may be dealing with diabetes. If they notice high eye pressure, that may indicate that you have high blood pressure. Your medical eye exam is another opportunity for a professional to look you over and, if needed, refer you to another doctor who can address any underlying conditions.

Eye doctors can give you eye care advice

Perhaps your eye doctor won't find anything seriously worrying in your eye exam, but they may notice some more minor issues such as dry eyes or mild irritation. People often ignore these problems when really, there's a lot that can be done about them. An eye exam is an opportunity for your eye doctor to note these issues and then give you advice for dealing with them. This can keep you more comfortable in the long term.

Medical eye exams are important for all of the reasons explained above. Contact an eye doctor in your area, and schedule your medical eye exam soon.