Back Constantly Hurts? 2 Tips To Ease Your Pain

Posted on: 26 February 2021

If your back hurts constantly this can make it hard for you to do many things. Fortunately, there are ways you can ease the pain. You should first see your doctor to make sure your back pain is not caused by an underlying condition, such as a herniated disc or a compression fracture. If the doctor does not find anything then keep reading for two tips to help your pain go away.

See a Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor is one of your best choices to help with your back pain. The chiropractor will first do an evaluation on you. They will have you lie down on a table and feel your spine and move joints on your back. They will ask you to walk to see if they notice anything wrong. The chiropractor may check your blood pressure and order an X-ray on your back. The chiropractor will ask you about your lifestyle and how active you are. 

Spinal manipulation is a common treatment for back pain. This involves physically pulling, pushing, and repositioning your back. This will take a few weeks before your pain goes away. Your pain may come back in the future and if it does, see your chiropractor again. The chiropractor may also do massage therapy on your back during your visits. They may do this on their own or they may have a massage therapist in their office.

See a Physical Therapist

Your doctor may ask you to take physical therapy to help with your back pain. The physical therapist will have you do exercises in their office to strengthen your back muscles. They will also have you do flexibility exercises. The physical therapist will ask you to do these and other exercises at home also.

Physical therapists are trained on how to properly sit, bend, and lift, as well as the best sleeping position for you. The therapist will educate you on your back problem to help you understand what is going on. 

The physical therapist may use heat or ice treatments to help with your pain. Electrical stimulation may also be used. The most common type is using a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS) unit. This unit is small and operates on batteries. The TENS unit has electrodes that the therapist will place on your back. When the unit is turned on, a low voltage electrical current goes through the electrodes and onto your back. This is not painful and will provide pain relief, but it is only temporary.

Your doctor may suggest that you use both a chiropractor and a physical therapist to treat your back pain.