Tinnitus Treatment Can Help Professional Musicians

Posted on: 31 July 2020

Success as a musician requires a performer and composer have strong hearing that they can use to stay on top of their music. However, tinnitus can be a very distracting issue for many musicians and may make it hard for them to succeed. Thankfully, there are many types of care options for this condition that can make it easier to tolerate in a person's life.

Tinnitus May Make Music Hard

Musicians who play loud shows with amplified instruments may develop tinnitus, a ringing in the ears that doesn't stop. While some may not notice this problem while playing louder music, others may notice it right away. And when playing softer or very quiet music, the ringing can become very distracting and may make it hard for a musician to focus on their performance.

Even worse, the tinnitus may make it impossible for a musician to choose the proper notes when playing or singing. When this happens, their career is in jeopardy and they may need specialized help to avoid complications. Thankfully, treatment is possible when approached with the right attitude and an appropriate level of expectation for what is possible with this treatment.

Treatment Can Help

Tinnitus treatment is unique because there isn't really a medicine or surgery that can fix it. However, there are care options that may help a person get some relief. For example, hearing aids may be a good idea for musicians with this disorder. Even if their hearing isn't very damaged, a hearing aid helps to cancel out some of the ringing that may distract them while they attempt to play.

However, there are also breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that also help here. Musicians who learn how to ignore the ringing with this type of behavioral therapy can play better and avoid issues with their music. Exercise is particularly useful for many because it may help to minimize the anxiety that they feel when they experience tinnitus while playing.

The big takeaway from this situation is that tinnitus hearing treatment must be adapted to a person's individual needs to get the best results. If a person is stressed out about life and doesn't know what to do about their tinnitus, they may not play music as well as they should. But by taking control of these issues, they can keep their music career as strong as possible for the duration of their performing career as a musician.