Does Your Spouse Need Specialized Care? How To Ease The Transition To A Memory Care Center

Posted on: 14 July 2020

If your spouse suffers from dementia, you may need to change the level of care they receive. This is especially true if you're no longer able to care for your spouse at home. A memory care center may be the best place for them. Memory care centers are staffed with trained professionals who know how to give your spouse the care they need. If it's time to move your spouse into a memory care center, the tips provided here will help to ensure a spouse transition.

Choose Your Words

If it's time to transition your spouse into a memory care center, choose your words carefully. This is especially important when talking to them about the transition. Your spouse may have moments of lucidity, where they know who you are. But, those moments may not last for long, especially as the dementia progresses. Unfortunately, that means your spouse may not understand why a stranger is telling them that they need to move. To reduce the stress your spouse may experience, try to remain calm during the discussion.

Prepare for the Transition

Now that it's time to move your spouse into a memory care center, take your time to prepare for the transition. Begin by taking frequent trips to the center. You should do this several times before the actual move-in date. The frequent visits will help your spouse familiarize themselves with the surroundings. Try to introduce your spouse to the staff, especially those who will be providing day-to-day care. That way, your spouse isn't moving into a strange place. The visits will also help the onsite medical staff choose the right level of support for your spouse. 

Keep the Move Simple

If your spouse will be moving into a memory care center, try to keep the move simple. This is especially important where the packing is concerned. If possible, try to pack when your spouse isn't present. They may have a difficult time understanding why their belongings are being packed up. Not only that, but they may also want to pack more belongings than they need to bring. 

Choose the Right Time

Now that you're preparing to move your spouse into a memory care center, make the move-in day as stress-free as possible. The best way to do that is to choose the right time. If there are specific times during the day when your spouse is more coherent and calm, try to work the move-in around that time of day. 

If your spouse's dementia has made it necessary for you to move them into a memory care center, use the tips provided here to help ensure a smooth transition.

For more information, contact a local memory care facility.