How To Avoid Spreading Your DHEA Cream

Posted on: 15 May 2020

DHEA creams can help boost your testosterone levels, alleviating symptoms like muscle loss and low energy levels. You typically apply the cream to your shoulders, thighs, and abdomen. The DHEA is slowly absorbed through your skin over a period of hours. This is a convenient application option, but it does have one downfall: there's a potential to spread the cream to other people. Luckily, this is pretty easy to avoid if you follow these protocols.

Wash your hands immediately afterward

As soon as you are finished applying the cream, wash your hands immediately. Do not touch the faucet directly, as this could transfer the DHEA to the faucet and then to the next person who touches it. Before you apply the cream, place a tissue on the counter. Then, after you apply the cream, you can use the tissue to touch the faucet, preventing the transfer of hormones to the faucet.

Don't touch the tube until after you've washed your hands

If you touch the tube or package to put the lid back on or otherwise close it, you might transfer the cream to the package — and then anyone else who touches the package may pick up the hormones. So after you apply the cream, set the tube down on another tissue. Wash your hands, and then touch the tube to close it up and put it away. Throw away the tissue.

Don't touch the application areas once you've applied the cream

Resist the urge to itch, rub, or scratch the areas where you've applied the DHEA cream. If you do touch these areas, wash your hands immediately. Also, let your partner know when you have just applied the cream; you don't want them, for example, rubbing your bare shoulder afterward. Wearing clothing that covers the application areas at all times will also help minimize contact.

Don't let your pets rub against the application areas

Cats and dogs sometimes enjoy rubbing against their owners. As cute as this is, it can be dangerous if they rub against your shoulder or abdomen. They may push your clothing to the side in the process and come into direct contact with the hormone cream. Not only will this affect your pet, but also anyone who then strokes the pet. Try not to let your pets rub you, or encourage them to rub against your lower legs instead.

Follow the tips above to prevent spreading DHEA cream to other people and pets. Reach out to a DHEA cream supplier to learn more.