Tips for Your First Physical Therapy Session

Posted on: 29 April 2020

If you are about to have your first physiotherapist appointment, there are a few things you need to be aware up before you get started. Once you are knowledgeable about what will happen, this will help to dispel any anxiety that you may be feeling. Here are some things that you should know and expect as you go into your first physical therapy session.

Set Up a Consultation

A consultation is important because it helps you to determine if the therapist is right for you. Approach it in the same way you would an interview. In this interview, you are going to find out if the therapist has ever treated your condition. Carry the medication that you are taking with you and let the therapist see them. A good therapist should know and understand the effects of the medication you are taking since this might affect your physical therapy.

Get Detailed

During your consultation, you should make your therapist aware of how your problem began. Let them know how much you were able to move before your injury. Let your therapist know if your symptoms are constant or if they are recurring. You can even mention any home remedies you have tried and if they have made things better or worse.

Your Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan will be drafted after your physical therapist performs a thorough examination. During the examination, they will measure your range of motion and do a strength test. You might also need a balance test, mobility assessment, and neurological screening. All this is done in an effort to determine the cause of your mobility issues and your physical health before you embark on the journey to wellness.

Dress Comfortably for Your Therapy Visits

Your physical therapy will involve a lot of movement, so this is something that should be foremost in your mind when you are choosing the type of clothing to wear. If you have hip, ankle, or knee pain, then it is best to wear a pair of shorts since this gives the therapist easy access to these areas. If you are doing therapy on your shoulder, then wear a sleeveless blouse.

Physical therapy can help you get your life back. This is invaluable — especially when you have had your independence taken from you by a debilitating injury. When you know what to expect from your visit, you will have peace of mind. Follow these guidelines and the advice of your therapist to have successful physical therapy sessions.