Air Ambulances Help Protect Those Who Experience Strokes In An Isolated Home

Posted on: 28 April 2020

Strokes are scary and life-threatening health problems that can impact people at any time in their life. However, they are more likely to hit older adults and can cause irreversible damage without immediate care. Sadly, those older individuals who prefer living in a more isolated area may find that they cannot get fast enough care without working with an air ambulance.

Time is Critical for Treating Strokes

The word "stroke" is a very scary one for any older person, particularly those who may live in an isolated area. Early treatment of a stroke can prevent a lot of problems from developing, such as speech issues, mobility problems, and a decay in cognitive strength. Unfortunately, those who live in an isolated area may be an hour or even more from a hospital when a stroke hits.

As those precious seconds pass during a stroke, damage to the brain will potentially worsen and spread to more areas. And even though an ambulance can provide immediate stroke relief that helps to halt the progression of this disease, by the time they reach a person, it may be too late to prevent severe damage. Thankfully, those in this situation can contact an air ambulance company to increase their treatment success exponentially.

When an Air Ambulance is Necessary

Calling an air ambulance for a stroke can remove the dangerous waiting time that can threaten many people's lives. For example, these transportation experts can get to an isolated areas in a fraction of the time that a ground-bound ambulance would take to cover the same distance. As a result, they can get that individual to a hospital more quickly and into the care that they need to recover.

Critically, those in an air ambulance are also trained to provide emergency care in a way that helps a person avoid serious health issues. For example, they will have various types of stroke treatment tools that they can use to stabilize a person's condition, stop the stroke from progressing, and help that person retain most, if not all, of their pre-stroke capabilities as an individual.

Thankfully, most insurance companies will help cover the cost of an air ambulance in these types of situations. Typically, they agree to cover it if air transportation was necessary to save a person's life. In the case of a stroke and an isolated living environment, it is very easy to argue that a person needed this type of transportation to avoid serious health dangers.