Lost A Massive Amount Of Weight? How Body Contouring Can Help You

Posted on: 27 April 2020

If you have lost a massive amount of weight, then you likely have a lot of sagging skin. This can be impossible to get rid of on your own no matter how much exercise you do. Fortunately, there are ways you can get your body back to normal. One of these ways is by using body contouring. Below is information on what this is and how it works.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is also sometimes called body sculpting. It is a surgical procedure so you will be put under anesthesia during this. There are different types of body contouring surgeries. What is chosen for you will depend on where you have sagging skin.

There is an abdominoplasty, which is also known as a tummy tack, that will tighten the skin under your tummy. The result will be a flat stomach. There is also liposuction which is removing fat from areas of your body. Another type of body contouring is a body lift. This could be an arm lift or a lower body lift.

Breast augmentation, which is also called a breast lift, is another type of body contouring. This can help reshape your breasts or remove sagging skin from this area.

How Body Contouring Works

How body contouring works depends on the type of procedure you choose. For example, with a tummy tuck, the plastic surgeon will remove fat that under your belly button. This is done by first making an incision in this area. This then reveals your fascia, which is what is over the abdominal muscles. The surgeon tightens the fascia by using sutures and then closes the incision.

With liposuction, fat is removed for different areas of your body by using a suction technique. This could be fat in your buttocks, abdomen, thighs, or hips. The surgeon also uses liposuction to contour the areas where the fat was removed.

During the breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon removes excess skin and breast tissue. The breast is then contoured to make your breasts firm. The doctor will raise the breasts until they are in the right position.

Make an appointment with a plastic surgeon in your area. They can explain each of these procedures to you in much more detail. The surgeon may suggest that you have more than one procedure because you lost a lot of weight and you likely have sagging skin in different areas of your body.

For more information about body contouring, contact a cosmetic surgeon today.