What You Should Know About Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Posted on: 24 April 2020

If you are a person that is struggling with their weight, you may find yourself wondering what you can do about the issue. After all, there are sometimes barriers to significant and quick weight loss that you cannot easily overcome. And sometimes, you need some help on top of lifestyle changes like diet and exercise. There are numerous treatments that may provide you with some support on your weight loss journey. One you may not yet know much about is the mini gastric bypass (MGB) surgery. Get to know some of the facts about this procedure as well as what you can do if you think this is the right option for you. 

Mini Gastric Bypass Is a Simplified Gastric Bypass Procedure

The first thing you should know about an MGB surgery is what it is exactly. To put it in the easiest to understand terms, it is a simplified gastric bypass procedure. Gastric bypass has been around for years and is a surgery that, while effective, has a longer optimal hospitalization and recovery time for most people looking for weight loss solutions. It is also a technically complex procedure for the surgeon performing it. 

The MGB procedure looks to improve upon that. The surgery still divides the stomach into pouches and bypasses one of the pouches by routing the small intestine to the smaller of the two pouches (which is what gastric bypass also does). However, it does so more efficiently and quickly than the traditional procedure. In fact, MGB can take around an hour to be performed. Recovery time and time spent in the hospital following the procedure are also significantly reduced as MGB is minimally invasive. 

Mini Gastric Bypass Is Safe

An issue that people seem to have when thinking about the MGB procedure is that they worry about how safe the procedure is. Because it is a newer option and alters a treatment protocol that has been highly effective in the past, people wonder if it is a good idea to try it. 

However, it has been found that this procedure is a safe one. No surgery is without risks, but as far as bariatric surgery goes, MGB is comparable risk-wise with other similar options like traditional gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve procedure. 

Check out a Webinar to Get Started

If you are thinking that MGB is the right choice for you, the best thing you can do next is to sign up for an MGB treatment webinar. These webinars are lead by surgeons and doctors who perform the MGB procedures. You will learn detailed information about the procedure itself, what you can do to prepare for your surgery, and the recovery process.

You will be able to ask questions and maybe even talk to real people who have had the surgery done. This will help you to feel ready to take the next step and schedule your appointment with a bariatric surgeon. 

Now that you know some of the important facts about mini gastric bypass, you can sign up for the webinar and schedule your appointment with a bariatric surgeon as soon as possible.