Stop Back Pain With Interventional Injections

Posted on: 22 April 2020

You have tried everything: over-the-counter medications, massage, and physical therapy. You have even talked to your doctor, and yet the pain is still there. Millions of Americans live each day with chronic pain located in the back, hips, knees, or other joints. This can be extremely challenging for these individuals as well as their families since it may limit their ability to do the things that they want/need to do. Thankfully, some physicians and pain management clinics offer interventional injection services, which is a way to treat chronic pain. 

Interventional injections can include several different treatments instead of just one small shot. There are many different ways to get rid of chronic pain, some of which are as follows.

Nerve Blocks

A nerve is a line of communication from any point in the body to the brain. Nerves are responsible for telling the brain when a part of your body is feeling something, be it cold, heat, itch, or pain. Nerves can sometimes get whiney, telling your brain that one area is hurting all of the time. If they were a child, many parents would put them in timeout. A nerve block basically puts a nerve in time out, blocking the communication it has with the brain. Nerve blocks can be very temporary lasting only hours or days, while other more intense procedures, such as a neurolytic block, could last for months or years. 


For individuals who have constant, recurring, intense pain, there are systems that can be implanted near the location of said pain in order to treat it quickly. For example, imagine that you have an intense back pain that only goes away with an injection from your doctor. An implant can be placed near the source of your pain and administer pain medication directly to it without needing to see your doctor. Implants greatly improve the quality of life for people who suffer daily.


If you are unsure about a more permanent treatment, talk to your doctor about getting an injection into the pain site. Steroids, pain medications, or a mixture of both can be injected in order to soothe pain for days to weeks. 

In conclusion, you do not need to settle with having chronic pain for every day of your life. Talk to a doctor like Joel D Stein DO PA or visit a pain management clinic to see if interventional injections are right for you. Get rid of the pain and take your life back with the help of your doctor.