What A Pharmacy Technician Can Help You With At The Pharmacy

Posted on: 17 April 2020

If you take prescription medication, then you might regularly head to your local pharmacy. You might assume that you will need to talk to a pharmacist if you need help with anything, and it's true that pharmacists do typically provide a lot of assistance. However, there are other professionals who typically work in a pharmacy setting and who can help you with various matters, too. For example, many pharmacies employ pharmacy technicians, who can be very helpful for the average customer. These are some of the ways that a pharmacy technician can help you when you're at the pharmacy. 

Answering Basic Questions

If you are struggling with your medication or if you otherwise need serious help, then you might need to talk to your doctor or to a pharmacist. If you have basic questions about your medication, however — such as if you are wondering if you should eat before or after taking your medication or if you are curious about whether or not a generic alternative is available for you — then you might find that a pharmacy technician can assist you. If the pharmacy technician does not have an answer to your question, they might consult with a pharmacist for more information.

Assisting With Filling Your Prescription

Although it might be a pharmacist who actually fills your prescription, a pharmacy technician might help with various steps of the process. The pharmacy technician might check for any prescriptions that have been called or faxed in by your doctor, or they might talk with you about your needs when you drop your prescription off. They will then turn the prescription in to the pharmacists who are working at the time and might assist them with basic tasks like bagging up prescriptions or printing out medication instructions. A pharmacy technician might also be the person who will give you a call to let you know that your prescription is ready.

Handling Payment and Billing Matters

When it is time for you to pay for your prescriptions, there is a good chance that you will work with a pharmacy technician. You might have to pay for your prescriptions out-of-pocket, and a pharmacy technician might help with ringing up your purchase. If your insurance is going to cover some or all of your medication costs, then your pharmacy technician might assist with taking down the proper information and sending a bill to your insurance company for their portion of the costs.